Doing Business with Lasersec

Our procurement practices


Lasersec procurement policies govern the purchase of materials of the right quality, in the right quantity, at the right time, at the right price and from the right sources.


All procurement actions are based on conformance with all applicable laws, regulations and contractual obligations. All suppliers and their representatives are treated fairly and impartially.


Each Lasersec business unit determines its own requirements for procurement and selects its own sources of supply. In some cases corporate agreements are developed to cover the requirements of two or more divisions.


Suppliers and potential suppliers must make their contacts with Lasersec through Supplier Management. Only Supplier Management has the authority to commit to purchase contracts for Lasersec.


Our company emphasizes the importance of competitive bidding as a good business practice. We consider ability, capacity, integrity, financial status, geographical locations, performance, reliability, quality of product, delivery and overall customer-supplier relations in evaluating a potential supplier before and during a purchase contract.


Lasersec is committed to the use of e-enabling tools and services to share information, exchange technology and work together better with our suppliers.



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