Interns and Co-ops


Two of the best ways to gain real experience working at Lasersec are through internships and co-ops. Each offers a seasonal position while you finish your studies, and most internships and co-ops offer the opportunity to receive school credit, depending on your school's policy.


Internships are short-term opportunities, usually one semester or season in length. Co-ops typically require a longer time commitment for more than one industry period, usually during the fall or spring semester. For example, you might work in the fall (September to December) and return later for a spring, a summer or another fall co-op. Some schools also offer programs allowing students to take a semester off to pursue a co-op.


Whether you choose an internship or a co-op, the benefits will be an invaluable complement to your studies in advancing your career.


Frequently Asked Questions


Which majors does Lasersec usually seek for internships and co-ops?


Among the majors we may be looking for are:


- Engineering

- Physics

- Engineering technology

- Computer science

- Mathematics

- Business


What skills do I need?


You should possess a strong sense of teamwork and a good understanding of one or more of the following disciplines:


- Engineering science fundamentals

- Mathematics, including statistics

- Physical and life sciences

- Information technology (beyond basic computer literacy)

- Design and manufacturing processes

- Economics

- Business


Prospective interns also should be able to think critically and creatively, and work independently and cooperatively. Other qualities we look for include the ability to adapt to rapid or major change, a desire for lifelong learning, the highest ethical standards and excellent communication skills.


What types of internship and co-op positions are available?


Examples of available positions include:


- Electrical engineers

- Industrial engineers

- Mechanical engineers

- Computer engineers

- Information systems analysts

- Technical designers

- Systems analysts

- Systems programmers

- Procurement analysts

- Budget analysts

- Market analysts

- Business systems analysts


Lasersec will work with you to determine your area of expertise and match you with a program that suits your skills.


Who would my co-workers be?


You would be working with the top professionals in your field.  You'll work with real employees and managers, on real projects that have measurable effects on our company and on the world of optics.


Does Lasersec pay for relocation?


Possibly. If it's determined that you are eligible, opportunities may include temporary lodging or a mileage allowance. We try to make your time with us as convenient as we possibly can.


How do I apply?


If you're interested in an internship or co-op please email





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