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Below we have addressed some frequently requested items to help you find what you are looking for:


Lasersec Name and Logo: Use of the Lasersec signature, Lasersec trademarks and trade names, and other elements of the Lasersec corporate identity must be approved in writing by Lasersec.


Community Investments/Grant Information: As part of our corporate citizenship portfolio,  Lasersec strategically invests the expertise of its employees, in-kind and surplus donations, and cash contributions. For more information, please visit our Global Corporate Citizenship section.


Doing Business with Lasersec/Supplier Information: Companies or individuals wishing to do business with Lasersec Systems Corporation should see our sections on general information for suppliers and supplier diversity.


Employee Information: For privacy reasons, Lasersec is not authorized to give out personal information about current or former employees.


Employment: Lasersec Systems Corporation accepts resumes via email or mail. Please review our career opportunities, and current jobs available on the employment section of our website (


Ideas: Lasersec receives many unsolicited ideas each year. While we are always interested in improvements to our products and processes, the volume of such unsolicited communications has grown to the point where we cannot necessarily evaluate them all. Please note this if submitting unsolicited ideas for consideration.


Photos: Images posted to this web site are licensed for private, non-commercial use only (see terms and conditions for use). If you intend to use Lasersec-owned photos for commercial use, you must submit a photo use request to Lasersec.



Contact us if you have questions or comments not addressed above.



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