Education and University Relations


Lasersec works closely with selected colleges and universities to enhance undergraduate and graduate curricula, support continuing education of Lasersec employees, recruit for internships and employment, and collaborate on research that benefits the long-term needs of our businesses.


Academic partnerships


Because we recognize the importance of aligning our academic partnerships with our business needs, we have established networks within Lasersec to manage our higher education activities.


The Lasersec Higher Education Integration Board brings together the business and technical communities at Lasersec to set our strategy and oversee an integrated approach across the company.


The University Interaction network oversees strategic activities at key educational institutions by building a campus presence to identify and attract talent for future employment.


International University Relations Representatives oversee university outreach and university engagement in their country, including scholarships, student projects, continuing education, and academic collaboration.


Collaborative Research Grants


Grants are part of an overall strategy managed by our network of Representatives. Universities that receive grants, which may consist of cash, equipment loans/donations, or services, will be notified directly by their Representative. Lasersec also participates in and supports a number of activities at the local, regional, national and global level to develop the workforce of the future.


Lasersec Internships and Co-ops


Our Internship Program provides important exposure to students, faculty and institutions regarding how academics are applied in industry. For more information, visit our Interns and Co-ops page.








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