Doing Business with Lasersec

What Lasersec builds


Lasersec is a leading laser and electro-optical systems company.  Before becoming a supplier to Lasersec, your company needs to become familiar with Lasersec’s position in the industry.


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What Lasersec buys


Lasersec Systems Corporation buys many products and services each year that fall into several general categories.


Optical components -  Laser crystals, nonlinear crystals, metallic and dielectric mirrors, filters, windows, lenses, diffractive elements


Fiber optics -  Single and multi-mode optical fiber, fiber assemblies, fiber pump combiners, splicing and termination equipment, polishing equipment


Electro optics -  Laser diode unmounted bars and chips, open package laser diodes, fiber coupled laser diodes, detectors, imaging sensors, cameras


Electronics -  Wire and cable assemblies, power supplies, electronic components


Materials and fabrication services - Raw materials, cnc services, moulding services


Mechanical components - Opto-mechanical mounts, pan/tilt systems



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